Accessories: The Money Clip

Engraved Hallmark Sterling Silver Money Clip Accessories: The Money ClipWe are unabashed fans of the wallet.  An expertly crafted billfold, whether for the back pocket or housed in a jacket’s confines, it is a portable filing cabinet and easy safe-house for your currency, cards, receipts, and notes.

There are times, however, when less is more and leaving your wallet at home is the best choice.  Heading to the beach and going light or attending a black tie gala and seeking an unencumbered evening are but two examples of where the humble money clip plays to its strengths.

Taking the essentials – ID, a card or two, and some cash – is an easy fit for most clips.  And for some, the money clip itself has replaced their wallet altogether.  For those who seek a minimalist approach to life, it’s the perfect alternative to a billfold of any kind.  The options are myriad and depend only on need, taste, and material.

The classic sterling silver money clip is iconic in its own right.  Engine turned, plain, or monogrammed, this timeless accessory is always appropriate and often a prized gift.  And, after a lifetime of dings and scratches have imparted a personal and worn patina, it is also transformed into a cherished heirloom.  One shortcoming can be the potential for loss of grip, especially if it is used as a wallet alternative subject to repetitive overfilling.  Regardless of your cash on hand, keep the contents to a minimum to maintain its proper shape and spring.

RC Fibers Black CF Money Clip Accessories: The Money ClipA modern take on the classic form is opting for a carbon fiber money clip.  These slick clips are light yet incredibly strong and often block RF signals that could potentially snatch credit card data.

While less traditional in material, the overall style is still classic.

Carbon fiber clips are practical and pair well with a more urban, contemporary sense of personal style.  We recently tested one from RC Fibers and found it to be a great choice when traveling light.  Nearly indestructible, the clip never lost its spring and kept everything in place.

Another option is the leather money clip.  Typically secured with a magnet, these are best for cash only – particularly in the United States – as it may adversely affect a credit card’s magnetic strip.  This style is inherently more casual and well-suited for daily use.  The magnetized closure also reduces the potential concern about the clip losing its strength.   The money clip shown below is a beautifully crafted example from Frank Clegg, a preeminent leather craftsman based in Massachusetts.

Frank Clegg Shrunken Leather Money Clip Accessories: The Money Clip

Generally speaking, we don’t like the awkward hybrid wallet-money clip creations.  They never seem to be particularly practical and we find them almost always to be lacking aesthetically.  However, as with any personal aspect of style, it’s all about individual taste and preference.  Whatever you choose, find something that speaks to your tastes and needs and hold on to it for a while.

Below are a few more examples of money clip we find particularly attractive, including a remarkable one that belonged to Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist, Whitey Snyder.

Monogrammed Money Clip 1 Accessories: The Money Clip

Sterling Silver Hallmark Money Clip Accessories: The Money Clip

Modern Sterling Money Clip Accessories: The Money Clip

Marilyn Monroes Gift Tiffany Money Clip Accessories: The Money Clip


OTC: What We Carry Everyday

What I Carry Picture OTC: What We Carry Everyday

OTC was recently asked to contribute a photo to the British site Everyday Carry UK showing what our editor-in-chief has in his bag and on his person any given day.  As bags and the stuff of life have always been a big part of OTC, we were happy to oblige.

While the sack may change based on need, style, and mood, what’s inside is fairly consistent.  When we tried to edit all the stuff down to a manageable representation of gear, one item inadvertently left out of the photo was a fantastic Chester Mox wallet that keeps his all-important Metro pass secure.  In addition, although out of view, the bag used that day was the Courier Messenger Bag from Frank Clegg.

This brief exercise reminded us of the many great brands, creative companies, and exceptional individuals we have met over the years.  We have linked to a few of those brands represented here.

Clockwise from top:


Frank Clegg Launches New Web Presence

President Obama Frank Clegg Bag Frank Clegg Launches New Web Presence
Today, we are excited to announce that master leather craftsman Frank Clegg has launched a completely new website.  With a clean new look that highlights his exceptional collection of handcrafted leather goods, Frank’s new site is a study in focus and clarity.

Frank Clegg has been in the luxury goods business for more than 40 years and makes some of the best leather travel bags, briefcases, and classic totes, and accessories on the market.  While Frank and his small team of craftsmen design and build elegant leather goods under the Frank Clegg name, the workshop also produces outstanding products for some of the most revered of American luxury labels.

Frank is an artist of the old school; he learned craft over time and understands that when true luxury is involved, less is definitely more.  What makes Frank particularly unique is that he is both a designer and a craftsman.  Everything sold by Frank Clegg was designed by him and made in-house.

Black Ziptop Frank Clegg Frank Clegg Launches New Web PresenceIn fact, he is held in such high esteem that when the White House went looking for a made-in-America personal briefcase for President Obama, they turned to Frank.  That Zip-Top Briefcase next to the Resolute Desk in the photo above, Frank made that himself.

You only need to examine a Frank Clegg product to know that he doesn’t just make leather bags; he crafts heirlooms, one at a time, by hand.  Luxury leather work is a deceivingly complex craft. Even the modern conveniences of machines and computerized design must bow to the master of time, because it still takes time to create such durable beauty.

Indeed, Frank may practice an age-old craft, but this creative innovator is very much on the pulse of today’s luxury goods market.

To that end, the new website also showcases a few new bags, including the moderne Diablo Briefcase and a Suede Shield Duffle Bag that is part of his collection with designer Michael Bastain, both below:

Frank Clegg Diablo Briefcase Frank Clegg Launches New Web Presence

Frank Clegg Michael Bastian Suede Duffle Frank Clegg Launches New Web Presence


Trackline Belt: Casually Sharp

Trackline Belt Trackline Belt: Casually Sharp

Lately, micro-adjust belts seem to be making more and more appearances, and for the most part it’s a nice chance of pace for many men.  Too often we have to deal with a belt that lands exactly between two holes and neither is comfortable.  Either it’s too loose or too tight – usually because we have eaten too much.  For whatever reason, an ill-fitting belt can ruin your day.

Belts that adjust without holes and instead rely on an adjustable track built into the backside of the belt’ strap can be a tricky endeavor.  Even though they are really just an evolutionary step forward from  friction or box frame buckles, their inherent mechanical design dictates a buckle of a certain form and bulk.  Also, they have typically been less than stylish and less than comfortable to actually wear.

We have previously highlighted a more formal version of the adjustable belt, but until now have not found a good casual version worthy of OTC’s readers.  Kore has come up with a great option for casual wear with its Trackline belt.  The simple and low-profile 16 gauge stainless steel buckle is available in a variety of designs and you can choose between brown and black  1 3/8 inch full grain leather straps.

We are particularly partial to the Evolve buckle because of its design reference to a classic engine turned belt buckle.  With clearly marked waist measurement increments on the back of the strap, it’s easy to size and quickly attach the buckle.  The larger size of the buckles pair well with jeans and khakis, and with 40 size positions from which to choose, your belt will fit just right.

While we typically err on the side of classic and timeless, at only $69.00, adding this modern take (and function) on a classic style is something we wholly endorse.


Evolve Buckle with Brown Strap Trackline Belt: Casually Sharp


H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets

hb British Racing Green Breast Wallet 1024x668 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets

H&B London is the kind of brand you might expect to find in England.  Small and smartly turned out, the firm produces exclusive luxury goods in small batches.  Launched this year, they currently offer two styles of mens wallets – breast pocket and billfold – and a range of geometrically unique sterling silver cufflinks.   Though grounded in traditional artisanship, H&B is not staid per se, even though its client list includes members of the British royal family.

Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Brister, told us that the company’s primary commitment to real luxury. “Part of the reason I founded the company was because I was disillusioned with the poor quality of products that were being sold by mainstream luxury brands,” he said. “For me luxury means the highest quality materials crafted by the finest artisans to make something rare and exclusive. So quality and craftsmanship are very much part of the DNA of H&B London.”

OTC has been using the British Racing Green Breast Pocket Wallet daily for about one month and, in a word, we find it to be exceptional.  The size and layout are traditional, with eight card slots and three receipt/currency pockets.  Nothing feels cramped or crowded; credit cards easily glide in and out of their spaces and the main currency pocket is easy to access.  Though, as noted above, the structure of the wallet is traditional, it is very much contemporary in nuance and finish.  It is a classic wallet, yes, but not old-fashioned.  Perhaps the word which best describes it is “elegant.”

2013 10 04 10.16.19 300x225 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade WalletsWhat truly sets this wallet apart from others we have tested is the quality of the craftsmanship and materials.  Each H&B London wallet is handmade in London by one of only three craftsman.  The leather is impeccably smooth and supple and the wallet’s refined construction provides a firm structure without feeling stiff or unyielding.

The finish on our British Racing Green wallet is both rich and translucent, allowing the natural pattern of the flawless hide to come through.  Brister feels that a luxury product should be made from the finest materials, be rare and exclusive, and adhere to exceedingly high standards. For example, H&B London’s leather goods are made from the most exclusive Italian leather from the hides of cattle grazed in the Alps where there are no barbed fences or mosquitoes to blemish their skin.  By definition, that’s a small universe of leather supply.

H&B London started with wallets because, perhaps more than any other male accessory, one’s wallet is used and handled daily.  Ours has aged gently and beautifully, acquiring the inevitable nicks and bumps of life that only add to its distinguished patina.

The firm is also happy to accommodate bespoke orders, making anything from briefcases or handbags to wallets and purses.  You can email them directly at or call them on +44(0)20 8546 4775.

british racing green breast pocket wallet 2 1024x1024 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets

8118468159 a5fa67a252 h 1024x742 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets

hb London Hexagon Cufflinks 1024x690 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets

hb london wallet H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Walletshb British Racing Green Wallet Detail 1024x1024 H&B London: Exceptional Handmade Wallets