Alpha Khakis and the US Open

We are actually combining two things here: a product review and collaboration announcement.  It’s all about Docker’s Alpha Khakis and US Open tennis.

OTC is excited to announce that we will be covering the women’s final match of the US Open this coming Saturday.  OTC is partnering with American Express to give our readers a behind-the-scenes look at Flushing Meadows and one of the biggest matches in the sport of tennis.  So keep an eye on OTC, our Twitter feed, and Facebook page over the next couple of days, because we are gearing up for a really cool time.

As part of this outstanding opportunity, we are pulling together an outfit appropriate for the sporty elegance of an evening tennis match that draws the likes of Jay Z and Ralph Lauren, not to mention the ever dapper Roger Federer – on court or off.  We’ll be looking to mix sport with casual elegance and with some thoughtful assistance from American Express, will be adding a couple of pieces to the OTC wardrobe.  First thing on the list? A pair of navy Alpha Khakis by Dockers.

Dockers has gone through a revival of sorts; from baggy office park casual Friday wear to a refreshed and resurgent brand now on the style radar of anyone looking for a solid pair of pants.  The Alpha is Dockers’ answer to the question of what to wear when you don’t want to wear jeans.  And, they nailed the answer.

Dockers likes to tout that Alphas are where, “jeans end and khakis begin.”  In many ways there are spot on.  The fit and feel of these pants is far more jeans thank khakis and the cotton itself feels dense and durable.  The fit is slim and the pants fit slightly below the waist – definitely a jeans-inspired waist.  The slim silhouette carries through to the seat and thigh, ending with a tapered leg.

For some the fit may be too slim, uncomfortably so.  So, don’t kid yourself; in terms of fit, think khaki jeans.  That said, we love them and get regular compliments for the clearly modern styling and overall neat and contemporary look. While not the best match for dressier occasions, when looking for a jeans-alternative, they are a great option and one we are happy to have.

And don’t forget to check out how we put our navy pair to work for the US Open.


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  1. stephen

    After yesterday’s matches – Andy done, Roger out – I was kind of trying to forget about the Open! Anyway, congrats on teaming up with the Open, can’t wait to check it out….fashion and tennis, two great tastes that taste great together.

  2. Stephen – Thanks for your comment, I’ll do my best!

    Barf – (nice name, by the way) I’m not sure exactly what I am “selling out,” and why would I be confused about it. Well, actually, now I am confused – but only by your comment.

  3. Patrick

    Alphas were sweet…had them in khaki, navy, grey, and black until my legs got too big from hitting the bike and the weights! You’re right, they are very slim, with a jeans-like waist. I slept in them, camped in them, ran in them, went to school in them, and even went to the country club in them–they’re everything pants for sure. For the athletic types out there or just guys with bigger legs (but who normally wear slim-fit jeans) I found the slim cargos from Lands End Canvas to pick up where the alphas left off for me. Not as comfortable, but have the same slimming effect. OTC–you have a solid blog. Keep postin’. Thanks–a fan from Detroit

  4. Joseph Lovick

    This looks so fun -and inspiring! Working with new people can be so rejuvenating; glad you have the opportunity. I’m really loving your style btw, it’s a good balance between calming and energetic.

  5. Leo

    Any idea what the shoes are in those photos? They look like Clarks desert boot – but they’re not.

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