1. Better Guy X

    I can't believe I'm the first to offer you congratulations on this opportunity and the development of the true killer app. This is fantastic, Chris. Can't wait to download my version of BeSpeak.

  2. Charles


    Downloaded it yesterday and played with it some. Some initial comments.
    Have settings were you it recommends from items only in your closet. Also a setting where you can select a closet item, say like a suit swatch and recommend another item like a shirt. Or another item for shopping, would be to build a shirt and see how it matches items in your closet.

    I did get it to crash a few times but overall a good version 1 effort. Look forward to improvements.

  3. OTC

    BGX – Thanks so much for the kind words, it's a great team and BeSpeak is probably one of the coolest things I worked on. Let's get together soon and catch up.

  4. OTC

    KSG – Yes, an Android version is in the works. I'll get back to you on a time line.

  5. OTC

    Charles, thanks very much for the comments and for the thumb's up. It's a very complex app and I'm glad you feel that we did a good job with the first version.

    I know that the initial update with have a couple of fixes, but I forwarded your comments to the team and I know they appreciate the feedback.

  6. Ell

    I saw a color choice for silver, but not gold (I have a gold tie).
    What about a color wheel where you could (possibly) add in colors? I understand it's impossible to make something for everyone, but I think that versatility would add to your audience.

  7. PJS

    Ack!!! I can't believe how cool this sounds… I want to go download the app right now. (And I will)

    I've actually been looking in the app store for something like this, and was surprised it didn't exist. Now that it does, I'm very pleased that your aesthetic will be a part of it.

  8. PJS

    P.S.- I just became a fan of the app on Facebook, and encourage you other Facebook-using Off-the-Cuffers to do the same…

  9. Gentleman's Gazette

    Great to see you on Styleforum OTC! That must have been the big Flusser thing you were talking about lately. I am sure there are quite a few men out there who should use it while the average style forum member will probably not need it. After testing it more closely, I was a little disappointed to be honest. The suggestions for me in the beginning are rather unexciting and quite repetitive. A friend with a different complexion experienced the same. In addition, the color / pattern helper is a nice gimmick but everybody with a felling for colors and patterns won't need it.

    Do you know what happens to the profile information you type in to bespeak? Will that be saved in a database on a server or on my iphone?


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