Alan Flusser (Finally) Profiled in The Rake

Issue 15 of The Rake, out now, has a wonderful profile of OTC friend and legendary clothier, Alan Flusser.  Though not available in the United States, The Rake is having a significant impact on the modern meaning and execution of classic American style.

Perhaps the only serious examination of classic menswear and men’s style on the news stand today, The Rake is a rich and intellectual celebration of what its publisher refers to as the “renaissance of gentlemanly sophistication and style.”

With that said, the hefty U.S. subscription fee may very well be worth the outlay.

We are also excited to point out that the article was assembled by two other OTC friends.  Christian Chensvold, founder of Ivy Style and a contributing editor at The Rake, penned the piece.  Fred Castleberry, founder of Unabashedly Prep, took the outstanding photographs.  Both of their sites are knowledge-filled resources for those seeking advice, inspiration and, certainly in Ivy Style’s case, the stories behind East Coast / Ivy League style.

Alan himself is a wonderful example of how classic style, or as he puts it “permanent fashion,” while timeless is not immutable.  The Custom Shop, Alan’s famous home base in Manhattan, has received a significant face lift and his English drape inspired house silhouette has similarly been refreshed a tad.

Does this mean Flusser is selling out and going for the trendy skinny look?  Not at all.  While the new Flusser drape suit is a touch slimmer and proportionally closer to the body, its inherent comfort, balance, flow and stylistic longevity are very much intact.  Anyone who knows Alan knows that he is far from a stuffed shirt.  His style and personality are equally colorful and expansive.

No slouch on the technical end of things, his BeSpeak and SnapDress iPhone applications are building a growing and devoted audience.  BeSpeak 2.0 is expected to launch later this year with even more functionality.

The Alan Flusser brand may evolving, but he is not changing its core values one bit.

To that end, the custom shop’s new streamlined and rakish look evokes Alan’s love of the Art Deco period and his proclivity for personal detail and refined understatement.

To learn more about Alan Flusser, visit the Custom Shop’s website, which itself is getting an overdue refreshing.

To view view The Rake’s article in PDF format, please visit The Rake Compendium, Alan Flusser.

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