1. You can also use a Filofax in areas where electronic devices are not permitted….

    My Filofax is also my wallet these days.. combined both functions..


  2. Definitely agree with you. While I’ve never used a filofax, there’s something with writing down tasks in a physical format that you’ve used for years and will continue to use for years that can never be replaced by digital, no matter how hard they try.

  3. I think I’ve carried a filofax for more than 20 years, back when it was nearly impossible to find fillers in the US. Since I was in london every few months anyway, I’d pick them up there.

  4. Richard

    My Palm is always with me…in my filofax! I wish The design team would re-introduce a Filofax to hold a pda. For me it is invaluable.

    I also use a A5 Filofax as a work journal – recording and reflecting on work completed and planning projects for the future. Filofax…simply the best!

  5. Marc B

    Now, on to the next topic; Pens. One of those little details that is fun to fuss with. Does one have a (please excuse the pun) signature pen that is almost a trademark? A pen that fits the occasion?

  6. Marc – I have not forgotten you. Working on a pen post that should be ready soon. Another favorite topic!

  7. jingles

    I been using filofax for the last 20 years and over the years had tried pdas, but nothing holds like a filofax organizer. From sketches, through planning goals, and executing projects. Filofax won the crown, the last time I had a pda with very important personal information it felt down a three floor condo balcony, you can imagine, the same thing happened to my filofax organizer and I still have it. I adore it. Filofax is a great investment, because we are worth it.

  8. Mitzi

    I don’t like trusting my personal information to the ether-world. It’s too static and vulnerable to snooping and lacks the charm of a well-worn planner. My filofax is going on it’s 5th year? maybe and I’m surprised that the zipper still works quite well and hasn’t pulled away on any spots which is surpising considering the workout I regularly give it. It’s my wallet, my bank acct register, my address book, my receipt keeper, my notepad. I like to douse the leather with a massage of mink oil from time to time and it’s become more of a pet than a planner. I know it’s silly to have attachments to material things, but I am attached to my planner and my little pen.

  9. liz baines

    What do you do with your old refills though? I’d like to keep them but Colfax don’t seem to offer any products?

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