The 30 Year Jacket from Tom Cridland

220116_tomcridland11460-e1456249578458-1200x867British designer Tom Cridland made his name with the 30 Year Sweatshirt, a tough-as-nails everyday staple built for comfort and durability. With a focus on sustainability and vertical brand and production control, Cridland is also known for his commitment to doing good while also doing well.

Cridland creates wardrobe essentials that combine classic style, comfort, and longevity. He wants you to wear his clothes of course, but he also wants us all to buy less clothing and focus on long-term investments.

tc_logo-160x150Recently, we had the chance to test out the newest addition to Cridland’s lineup: The 30 Year Jacket. As with all the items in his collection, it is built to literally last a lifetime and backed with three decades of free mending. And, that’s not just marketing speak by the way; if anything happens to your jacket over the next 30 years, send it back and they will fix it up and send it right back to you. That means the cost of repairs and return postage is on Tom Cridland.

A classic blazer in design, The 30 Year Jacket is a clever blending of comfort and style. The fabric itself is fantastic; smooth, and dense but soft and extremely comfortable. We describe this jacket’s fit and feel as similar to that of a cardigan. It is completely unlined, therefore lightweight and with a relaxed silhouette.

This is an excellent in-between jacket. While traditional in most ways, it is a modern odd jacket, even without any pattern. Staid colors like navy blue and seal grey make it serviceable and just right for dressing up khakis or a pair of jeans. Chili red, orange, or electric blue can add a dressy punch to your casual business wardrobe. Take your pick.

With no padding, the shoulders are completely natural – almost like an outer shirt, but it has the classic styling of a serviceable sport coat. The jacket’s body is cut on the slim side, but not at all skinny. Also, we noted that while the sleeves have an allowance for tailoring to one’s proper length, there is no extra fabric in the body seams, which means the jacket cannot be let out should you need a little extra room. Our advice is to size up if in doubt.

The 30 Year Jacket is also a limited edition product with a small production run, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested.






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