From Ready-Made to Bespoke

Jon Green is a celebrated New York-based bespoke clothier well-known to readers of Forbes, The Financial Times, and American Express’ ‘Departures’ magazine. He is also a good friend of OTC and occasional contributor. Here, Jon provides us with a useful breakdown of the various forms that tailored clothing can take, from ready-made to bespoke. Bespoke … [Read more…]

Frank Clegg, Welcome to the White House

Brand building is a tricky business.  Try too hard and people don’t trust you, try too little and they won’t even know you exist.  Brands with history, and a history of doing something well, have a big advantage.  “Authentic” brands possess the quality of longevity and substance – particularly in today’s market. In an attempt … [Read more…]

Old Bull Lee Shorts

To be honest, the buttons were the first thing we noticed. All of the shorts made by Old Bull Lee – and they only make shorts – have button fly openings.  And, the buttons that founder Lee Johnson chose to use are very specific; thick, sturdy, branded, and slightly over-sized. You notice them because they … [Read more…]

Wardrobe Upgrade: Ribbed Tee

Over the past several months, we have had the chance to review a variety of products that are redefining a wardrobe staple that seems to have gone unchanged in any meaningful way for decades; the undershirt.  For many men, especially those who dress up for work, an undershirt is a necessity but also a burden. … [Read more…]