OTC & Indochino Team Up in DC: Free Suit

Indochino, the web-based purveyor of custom suits and shirts, literally revolutionized the online marketplace for custom clothing.  When the company launched its first website in 2007, Indochino quite literally created a new menswear retail segment from whole cloth. Read on to learn how you can win your own custom Indochino suit! Indochino has since grown … [Read more…]

Wardrobing for the New Year

While there has been a clear and appreciable resurgence in the menswear space and of all things sartorial, for some guys, the art of dressing well is still a mystery. To help you better understand how to dress well and, perhaps more importantly, why dressing well matters, we have assembled this helpful primer.  And remember, … [Read more…]

Coming Soon: Aspetto for OTC

One of the great privileges and pleasures afforded to OTC is the opportunity to discover and introduce to our readers brands and craftsmen they might not otherwise ever hear about.  Clothier Aspetto, Inc., of Fredricksburg, Virgina, is such a company.  In the coming weeks we will be reviewing a custom three-piece suit from this relatively … [Read more…]