The Smart Side of Style

Being called stylish can mean so many things. You dress well, nice haircut, cool bag, great car, impressive art collection. Even how you walk down the street can be stylish – look at John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Then there’s the kind of stylish that transcends mere clothing or accoutrement; being smart. As many … [Read more…]

(Re)introducing Mack Weldon

We introduced OTC readers to the Mack Weldon brand as part of our 2012 Holiday Wish List.  Apparently, some folks wanted to know a bit more, judging by the feedback in our inbox. As a topic, OTC has never really addressed things like underwear and tee shirts, but these items really are important. Feeling comfortable … [Read more…]

The Chester Mox Wallet

It takes a lot to make us empty out our well-worn and much loved R.Horns Wein eight-card wallet.  Now almost 15 years old, it shows only the most desired signs of age.  It is still fully functional but now softer and beat up about the edges; just hitting its stride, really. The item that has … [Read more…]