GIVEAWAY: American Giant Short Sleeve Pocket Henley

Can you really make a better tee shirt?  When you are American Giant, the answer is “yes.” The San Fransisco-based company recently introduced a line of tee shirts, adding to their collection of solid, straightforward American sportswear.  And, staying true to the brand’s classic-is-best philosophy, they are not so much different as they are better.  … [Read more…] Loves Off the Cuff

Certain websites have a lot of influence when it comes to measuring your impact in the somewhat hazy universe of social media and the blogoshpere.  One of the biggest heavy hitters is, a hugely influential site for male consumers who are “style-makers and trend-spreaders.” To help it’s readers get a handle on what menswear … [Read more…]

OTC’s Chris Hogan is Brooks Brothers’ “Dandiest”

We here at OTC wish to offer up a big, sincere “Thank You,” to everyone who voted and supported our nomination!  OTC’s founder and editor-in-chief, Chris Hogan, made it to the winner’s circle and was crowned “Dandiest at the Derby” by Brooks Brothers’ fans! Thanks are also due to our photographer par excellence, Mr. Steven … [Read more…]

For the Bookshelf: The Gentry Man

One of the exciting side effects brought about by the sustained and evolving resurgence in menswear, elegantly executed lifestyles, and well-crafted luxury goods, is the recent release of some great new books geared toward men. For the past several years, there has been a coffee table drought of sorts; a lack of interesting books devoted … [Read more…]