Starboard Clothing Co.


Here at OTC, we are fans of both the elegant and the basic. A handmade suit definitely has its place in life, but so does something as simple and reliable as a favorite baseball hat. The baseball hat is a basic staple of the American male wardrobe.  It is comfortable, familiar, functional, and in many … [Read more…]

The Classic Tote Bag

Torn LLB Tote (Via 800 Ships & co)

Objects that never seem to go out of fashion often have a common thread.  Be it design or construction, function or functionality, the one thing that tends to win out in the long run is utility. If something retains its function and ability to do its job over time, it will likely become a classic. … [Read more…]

John Varvatos Sunglasses

OTC & John Varvatos

The folks over at John Varvatos were kind enough to send over a pair of sunglasses from the brand’s new retro collection. For it’s latest ad campaign, Varvatos has partnered with Green Day, the band which basically created the distinctive rock-punk hybrid sound.  Green Day sports several versions of these sunglasses in the new ad … [Read more…]