Fin’s For Him: Seriously Comfortable City Shoes

This is a true story. When the package from England containing two pair of Fin’s For Him shoes arrived at OTC’s HQ, there was little time to waste. After appreciating the beauty and construction of both the Cooper brogues and Bobby slip-ins, it was time to head out for a day of meetings. On went … [Read more…]

Taking Proper Suit for a Spin

As we continue to work with Proper Suit on the official OTC suit, our Editor-in-Chief Chris Hogan took the recently delivered set of duds for a spin around town. This is a quick teaser for the full review which will be coming next month.  What we endeavor to accomplish here is explain what to expect … [Read more…]

2011 Holiday Wish List

This year, the OTC Holiday Wish List has a great mix of interesting items, price points and functionality.  Some of these brands may be familiar to you, while others may be something new.  And that’s what we try and do at OTC – remind our readers of why certain brands are indeed great, and introduce … [Read more…]

Hook + ALBERT: Modern Dandies

Along with the general movement these days towards better dressing and personal expression through style, a certain element of dandyism has again come to the fore.  However, instead of exploding with color, pattern and anachronistic flourishes, today’s dandies are taking a refined and targeted approach to flair. In many ways, this is a natural extension … [Read more…]