Gentleman Prefer Blogs: OTC Featured in Washington Post Express

Off the Cuff was recently interviewed for a Washington Post Express article (below) on the impact of blogs on how men dress.  Assistant Styles Editor Katherine Boyle, pulled together a great piece explaining how the rise of the menswear blog has helped guys become more comfortable with style. More importantly, many blogs, including OTC, provide … [Read more…]

Timbuk2: OTC Custom Bag Review

San Francisco-based Timbuk2 lays claim to inventing the messenger bag.  I have heard the same story from Manhattan Portage, New York born and bred, so it’s a good thing that each company has developed it’s own distinctive brand and style. Timbuk2’s three paneled bags have become an iconic talisman to many work-a-day commuters yearning to … [Read more…]

The Man Has Style

When you hear “Washington, DC lobbyist,” this is, perhaps, not the face that comes to mind. KR is an old friend of mine, a coworker who is indeed a true-blue DC lobbyist.  More specifically, he is a dyed-in-the-wool son of the South who, by the sheer misfortune of life landed in the Yankee infested bastion … [Read more…]