OTC on the Road: Raleigh Denim

Victor and Sarah at Work

It’s always a cool experience when you meet someone so into what they do that their energy literally permeates the space around them.  Bespoke clothier Jon Green is one of those people, so is shirt maker Ignatious Joseph.  Jon is so passionate about creating exceptional tailored clothing for his equally exceptional clients, he nearly vibrates. … [Read more…]

Gentleman Prefer Blogs: OTC Featured in Washington Post Express

Thanks to Fred (unabashedlyprep.com)

Off the Cuff was recently interviewed for a Washington Post Express article (below) on the impact of blogs on how men dress.  Assistant Styles Editor Katherine Boyle, pulled together a great piece explaining how the rise of the menswear blog has helped guys become more comfortable with style. More importantly, many blogs, including OTC, provide … [Read more…]

Timbuk2: OTC Custom Bag Review

OTC Timbuk2 Bag Flap

San Francisco-based Timbuk2 lays claim to inventing the messenger bag.  I have heard the same story from Manhattan Portage, New York born and bred, so it’s a good thing that each company has developed it’s own distinctive brand and style. Timbuk2’s three paneled bags have become an iconic talisman to many work-a-day commuters yearning to … [Read more…]

The Man Has Style


When you hear “Washington, DC lobbyist,” this is, perhaps, not the face that comes to mind. KR is an old friend of mine, a coworker who is indeed a true-blue DC lobbyist.  More specifically, he is a dyed-in-the-wool son of the South who, by the sheer misfortune of life landed in the Yankee infested bastion … [Read more…]