Want of the Day: Rugby Selvedge Jeans

Rugby Jeans Box

Working hard to reclaim the bragging rights to being the country built on denim, currently held, according to those who follow these things, by Japan, Rugby has introduced some killer limited-edition selvedge jeans. At $398.00 they are by no means cheap, but this being the world of Ralph Lauren, you also get some outstanding packaging,  … [Read more…]

Skincare for Men: Eshu & Arbonne


While not a grooming site, OTC does on occasion highlight skincare products designed specifically for men. Like it or not, as we age our skins does often show the varying ravages of time.  While this is not as big a deal for men as it is for ladies, taking care of your skin does have … [Read more…]

A Brand To Watch: Hugh & Crye

H&C Profile

I recently had the chance to spend some time with Pranav Vora and Philip Soreano, the duo behind the DC-based brand of Hugh & Crye.  Based in D.C.’s Georgetown, about  a 30-second stroll form the now nationally famous Georgetown Cupcake, they make shirts and some darn good ones at that. Hugh & Crye is a … [Read more…]