A Night of BeSpeaking With Alan Flusser

On Wednesday evening the inaugural BeSpeak Sartorial Summit was held at Alan Flusser’s Custom shop in NYC.  It was a unique opportunity for some of the top menswear, trad and fashion bloggers to meet and mingle with Alan Flusser and some seriously well connected insiders. Equally important was the chance to learn all about Flusser’s … [Read more…]

Setting Your Personal Style Agenda

An OTC reader recently sent me something of a social science question about dressing well.  He asked, essentially, does it matter what you wear when no one is looking? Though he does travel to meet with clients and check in at the home office, this gentleman has the enviable ability to work from home.  However, … [Read more…]

We Have A Winner!

I am happy to announce that OTC reader Jonathan Sommer is the winner of the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon gift bag. Jonathon’s story about a Polo sweater he could not afford inspiring him to take a fresh look at his own wardrobe captures both the spirit of Ralph Lauren’s style and the purpose behind OTC.  It … [Read more…]