Winter Skincare Roundup

luxury-bathroom-vanity-greyTaking care of one’s skin is a task often neglected by too many men. Winter’s cold weather and harsh winds don’t help the situation much, so we have taken some time and pulled together a helpful little list of some great skin and haircare products made just for men.

From skin lotion to cleanser to pomade, we’ve got your cold weather grooming needs covered.



baldwin-cream-800x800_4-470x470This is best stuff we have yet found for moisturizing your skin. It is rich moisturizer that’s rapidly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and comfortable. It has a whole bunch of unique oils and minerals, but what matters to us is that it simply leaves our skin feeling better than any other moisturizer we have tried.



caveman-care-cleanser-2_1024x1024While perhaps not the slickest looking brand, Caveman Care gets it right, right where it matters. This clever and self depricating brand makes some great grooming products and it’s cartoon man-scot helps to make the idea of male grooming a bit more approachable to guys who otherwise might turn a stubbly cheek to such routines.



guise-travel-kit_1461_1024x1024Are you a frequent flyer but don’t want your air miles to show on your skin? Guise Etiquette, which handcrafts apothecary-quality men’s grooming products in small batches using plant based ingredients sourced from organic urban farms across California, New Mexico and Arizona, has just what you need.

Whether you’re headed west or east, travel freely with Guise Etiquette skin care essentials ready to- go. The kit includes Facial Cleaner with Cucumber and Mint, Aftershave Tonic with Colloidal Silver and Neroli Oil, and Oil-Free Moisturizer with Aspen Bark and Aloe Vera.



American Crew has established itself as the go-to grooming product range designed specifically for men. While there may be a certain predictability and ubiquity to the brand, they continue to provide top-notch products with creative, masculine branding.

To wit, the Elvis inspired pomade’s medium hold, high shine, and easy control is perfect for your morning routine. And for the record, we love the whole range.

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