The Vesper Polo From Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon Vesper PoloWhile the polo is a classic staple of most men’s wardrobe, rarely does this iconic shirt get an updating worth noting.

The new Vesper polo from Mack Weldon not only updates this versatile shirt with a slim and slightly retro fit, their micro-mesh fabric gives it a lightweight performance feel that also looks crisp and smooth throughout the day.

With a blend of 94 percent cotton and 6 percent polyester, the Vesper is refreshingly comfortable in warm weather without clinging or feeling flimsy. There is also an undeniable dressy quality to this shirt that we really like because while perfect with shorts or jeans, most polos look and feel out of place when tasked for more pulled-together purposes.

This micro-mesh material is particularly nice because it updates two shortcomings that often plague classic pique polos: bulk and breathability. By utilizing a modern fabric that allows for better airflow while still retaining the look and drape of the original, Mack Weldon has created a new standard for the casual shirt.

Design-wise, the Vesper polo is based on the aesthetic of James Bond, who of course looks cool and put together no matter the circumstance. Battling an assassin, winning at Baccarat, or negotiating with evil geniuses, Bond always stays, and looks, cool and collected. The mid-century vibe of this polo reflects these traits; modern trim cut, a longer body that allows for tucking into one’s trousers, slightly longer strait-hemmed short sleeves, self collar, and the chest pocket – perfect for a pair of natty sunglasses.

Available in four basic colors (Eclipse Blue, Bright White, Black, Kentucky Blue), the Vesper is a great core wardrobe option that can easily transition from casual to dressy with relative ease. And, with an updated cut and design – not to mention the refreshingly breathable micro-mesh fabric – it’s a shirt that lets you look modern and timeless all at once.






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  1. D

    This review would be more helpful if you listed the model’s height, weight, normal shirt size and what size polo he is wearing.

  2. Michael

    Too bad the seams appear to be sown with fishing line with the one that I received a few weeks ago. If you like being rubbed raw anywhere the seam touches your skin all day then this is the shirt for you! It doesn’t even make a good shop rag since all I could do with it was cut it to pieces.

  3. Jack W

    Michael, pretty hard for me to take your review seriously. You cut the shirt to pieces? To become a shop rag? And it couldn’t do that, since all you “could do with it was cut it” ? And you didn’t take advantage of the free return policy? OK sure thing buddy.

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