Underfit: A Brand Relaunches Better Than Ever


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A few years ago, we introduced you to Underfit, a technically advanced made-in-America undershirt built to keep you comfortable and stylish all day. Back then, the shirts were great; in fact, we still use the samples we tested for the story. Recently, the brand relaunched, and Underfit is back and even better.

With a new owner (actually one of the brand’s original founders), new designs, and improved construction and materials, these are undershirts you really should have in your drawer. And, at about US$25.00, these are a true deal when it comes to performance underwear. Buy a bunch.

In fact, if you want to support a real we-created-this-company-to-make-a-better-product endeavor, take a few minutes and read about the guys behind Underfit.

Underfit the-fit-no-buttonThe new Underfit design incorporates a blend of 95% ProModel and 5% spandex. It’s a lightly stretching material which offers a close and light body-hugging fit. While not compression shirts, they do feel closer than other undershirts we have tested, but in a soft, non-constricting fashion.

The shirts are wider at the shoulders and chest and narrower by the waist, which follows the true shape of most men’s bodies. This design reduces bulk and under-shirt billowing. The shirt also has an extra three inch drop, which helps keep these undershirts stay tucked in all day long.

The fabric used by Underfit is made by Lenzing, a leading specialty fiber manufacturer, and employs modern technology to make your day a comfortable one. It is is exceptionally soft, provides temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and due to it’s particular moisture wicking features, is even odor resistant.

The ProModel fabric also possesses a high tensile strength, which means it is hard to tear, retains its shape, and lasts for years.

We tested both the v-neck and crew neck versions and found each to be comfortable and well-fitting. After a couple of months of wearing and laundering, we see no signs of weakness.

Side-by-side, Underfits are as good as, and in some cases better than undershirts that cost US$10-$15 more. Kudos on making a great purpose-build undershirt even better – at a fair price. Time to stock up.



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  1. Martin

    I purchased two of these (Paul even shipped them to the UK) and they are every bit as good as reported!

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