Best Travel Shoes: Austen Heller

Austen Heller Loafers

When we went looking for the perfect travel shoe, there were a few key criteria that had to be met.  First, we wanted a slip-in style shoe; something easy to get in and out of at airport security checkpoints.  Second, they had to be comfortable without feeling too much like slippers.  And last but not least, they needed to work in casual and dressy situations.

Austen Heller loafers check all the boxes.  They successfully bridge the gap between dressy and casual, while also proving to be sturdy and sharp-looking. Austen Hellers have a unique look that is part American boat shoe, part European driving moccasin.  And, for OTC readers, they have a special deal.  Get an extra $50 off your next pair of Austen Heller shoes when you use the checkout code “OTC50.”

Started by a guy who simply could not find the kind of shoes he wanted, Austen Heller combines old world craftsmanship with distinctive style.  The shoes are handmade in Europe using premium leathers, with a simple design that focuses on style, comfort, and quality.

Each pair even comes with their own set of shoe trees.  And, with a price tag of $195, picking up some practical footwear flair won’t knock you off your feet.  Lastly, keep an eye on this brand because some exciting changes are coming in the coming months.


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  1. There are several travel shoes that you can consider if you are in need of such footwear. It is very essential that you will be choosing the items that can make your feet comfortable all the time.

  2. With travel shoes I think you are looking at comfort and convenience rather than style. You need to be able to slip on and off easily at the airport and on the plane itself in confined spaces. If they are also stylist then it’s a bonus.

  3. Jeremy Davis

    These are a very sharp shoe that is also quite comfortable. Nice to have a loafer with some real cushioning. I did find that they ran a 1/2 size small and would recommend sizing up.

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