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Ten Thousand Editorial_1Too often the tools we need to do a simple job are over-complicated or too fancy for the work at hand. Gym gear typically falls into this situation. Purpose built brand Ten Thousand is on a mission to bring your workout clothing back to its roots and help you focus on the job of working out and getting in shape.

Ten Thousand_LogoThe result of this effort is workout gear pared back to its basics and presented in high quality minimalist cool. Black and grey are the colors of choice and the logo, a simple stylized “X.” Nothing over-the-top and nothing unnecessary. The fit and quality are excellent and functional design means that everything exists for a reason and is built to perform.

The philosophy behind this gear is that it should fade into the background and do its job without drawing attention. The Foundation Shirt is a lightly fitted top constructed from a custom blend of merino wool and synthetic fibers woven into a technical piqué. The Foundation Shorts are presented in a classic board short design and we opted for the built-in liner which provides comfortable support. Smartly designed open and zipeed pockets make these shorts practical as well as an excellent choice for the gym or a road run.

At Ten Thousand minimalism isn’t just a style, it’s very much a philosophy. On of the goals behind this brand is to encourage consumers to focus on the basics, not fast fashion and planned obsolescence. By reducing a piece to its essence, they seek to design timeless gear for the widest range of use. It’s a deliberate approach to avoiding waste and excess in the design process.

Of course, all gear wears out eventually. So just as Ten Thousand tries to eliminate waste upfront, their “One In/One Out” effort seeks to close the loop and prevent their apparel from becoming landfill waste at the end of its life. As a bonus, and incentive, when you participate, you can get a 10% discount on your Ten Thousand order.

Here’s how it works: with every Ten Thousand purchase, they include a prepaid shipping label and mailer. Simply place your clean, unwanted gear from any brand in the mailer, and drop it off at any UPS location. Ten Thousand partners with 2ReWear, which will find a way to reuse or recycle your old gear. Once your old gear arrives at 2ReWear, your 10% discount is processed.

Ten Thousand Foundation Shirt (Grey)

Ten Thousand Foundation Shorts

Ten Thousand_Editorial_2

Ten Thousand Editorial_Model

Ten Thousand Editorial_Trip Callan


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