OTC Recommends: Viccel Socks

I tend to get a lot of e-mails from vendors touting their products and advising me that they have the perfect whatever-it-is for the OTC reader.

While there are a number of brands that have earned the OTC seal of endorsement, far more than you will ever know never made it past my desk. When Kemal from Viccel Socks first contacted me I was not sure what to expect. And when a short while later and red celphane wrapped brick of socks arrived at my door, I was ready for anything. As it turns out their focus is not on packaging, it’s on making socks, and they make some damn good ones at that. (That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to spruce up your product presentation a bit.)

At first glance, Viccel socks do not possess the flair and lifestyle marketing qualities that attract attention; and that is its hidden advantage. Because Viccel makes some great dress socks, in fact some of the most comfortable I’ve worn. They were kind enough to send me a selection of mid-calf and over the calf socks and I’ve been testing them out for a few weeks.

One of Viccel’s big selling points is that, apart form a small amount of elastine in the ribbing at the top of the sock, they are 100% American mercerized pima cotton – absolutely no synthetics. this means that that socks breath much better than nylon-laced hosiery and naturally whisk moisture away from the foot. Even the elastine is separated from your skin as it is wrapped inside the cotton fibers.

Another hallmark of this Turkish company are the intensely vivid colors imparted by their Indantherene dyes, which is not affected by perspiration, meaning that under even the most rigorous use, these socks keep their original color. Indantherene dyes are also resistant to light, washing and chlorine. The bright red and pink socks they sent along will keep their colors for a long time – I just have to find the guts to wear them.

So, how did they do? Wonderfully. I especially like the over-the-calf socks and will definitely be getting more of those. The mid-calf length socks are just fine, though in my case they don’t stay up quite as well. I wear them, and certainly recommend them, but if it’s business socks you’re looking for, the over-the-calfs are outstanding.

Viccel has a special offer for Off The Cuff readers: a 20% discount off their already reasonable prices. Please use THIS LINK to ensure that you receive the OTC discount.

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