OTC Launches on Nivea For Men

I am excited to announce that Off The Cuff is now a regular feature on the new Nivea For Men website.

OTC, along with Nick Sullivan, Esquire’s fashion director and the staff of Men’s Health magazine, will be giving more than 100,000 monthly readers all sorts of fashion and grooming advice.

The Groom Room is NFM’s virtual lounge, home to useful information for your whole life. This will be the place to go for guidance on what to wear or tips for taking care of yourself, advice for your career and even help on choosing that new laptop.

You’ll find classic OTC columns along with new and creative ideas for pulling it all together every day, make sure to stop by Nivea For Men’s Groom Room and see what’s new.

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Repurposing: A Follow-Up

Just a quick note to point out that Off The Cuff made it to the big leagues, sort of.

We were quoted in today’s Express newspaper’s Blog Log (page 36). For non-locals, Express is the very popular DC commuter newspaper published by the Washington Post. So in my own little world, I like to think that, really, OTC was picked up by the Post.

Post staffers apparently appreciated my ingenuity when dealing with those too-short pants, outlined in the recent “repurposing” article. Thanks for the shout out, guys! The link above is for the interactive PDF issue, you can find the web site here.

And by the way, I read Express every day…not that other one.

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Time To Go Suit Shopping – You May Need One

This past Thursday, The Wall Street Journal published a great article highlighting the growing trend of once again throwing on a coat and tie before heading off to the office.

The article, penned by Style columnist Christina Binkley, profiles Bickel & Brewer, a high powered law firm with offices in New York and Dallas. Perhaps an extreme case – even the mailroom clerks wear suits and ties – the firm is now seen as riding the wave of professional office wear.

Writes Binkley, “Even six months ago, that kind of talk might have sounded as outmoded as John Molloy, who penned ‘Dress For Success,’ the 1980s bible of corporate style. Casual clothing has long been seen as a sign of a modern attitude and has become an important job perk. In a 2007 column I wrote, a number of young lawyers defended working in Ugg boots, jeans and clingy T-shirts, arguing that they needed to be comfortable at work. They felt entitled.”

Not anymore. With the potential for layoffs very real, even in white shoe firms, lawyers (and many other professions) see dressing well at work as both a symbol of their professionalism and a form of career preservation.

I asked Binkley if she thought that, after researching her story, dressing up for work again was on the upswing across the board. “Yes” she said, but where a coat and tie makes sense. “I don’t think most offices are asking their mail room staff to wear suits. But in the same way that people are taking less time off work – because they don’t want to be away from the office with layoffs happening – they are also choosing to look more conservative and professional if they work in professions where that is expected.”

To real the full article, please CLICK HERE.

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Off The Cuff’s D.C. City Guide Goes Live

I am very happy to announce that Off the Cuff’s Modern Gentleman’s Guide to D.C. has gone live over at On The Fly.com.

It took a while to pull this great list together and involved polling friends, family and coworkers. I think you will find this handy go-to list both entertaining and genuinely helpful.

Whether you live here or plan on visiting, I have tried to highlight some of the classic DC hot spots for grabbing a drink, relaxing with a cigar, tucking into a steak or enjoying a round of golf.

On the Fly is a great shopping and style resource. On The Fly’s goal is to outfit the modern gentleman with solutions that acknowledge his discerning tastes and busy schedule. Their mission is to edit the world of choices available to their customer in such a way that they can be confident that every purchase is a stylish one. Well said.

OTC is honored to be associated with this great company. Please take a few moments to visit the site. Also, make sure to check out On The Fly’s other city guides for New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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Site Update – Blue Is Beautiful

I just want to leave you a quick note to say that I’ll be keeping OTC’s original blue background. Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions! The problem is that the color coding for the sidebar links has been altered in the template and is showing up as that dark blue that is difficult to read.

I am working with Blogger on fixing this, but all the achieve links and links to former articles, sorted by month, are still there. They’re just hard to see right now. I’m also moving some things around, like my profile, now up top, but everything is still there. I am also always on the lookout for new and useful sites for the blogrolls, so keep your eyes peeled for additions.

I hope all my American readers had a great holiday and that everyone is now gearing up for the holidays.

As we move into December I’m looking forward to telling you about some ideas for creative and stylish gifts – for your loved one, or just for you!

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