Summer Style Snapshot

Some of you may recognize the gentleman above, but for those of you who don’t, Kyle R is a guy on the move.  As a highly respected DC lobbyist who spends a lot of time on state issues, Kyle is on the road more than he is at home.

His personal style tends to combine Washington conservative with his South Carolinian casual roots.  The look here captures his affinity for blending the two sensibilities.

The rustic character of his chambray work shirt is nicely offset by the dressier trousers.  The elegantly finished Southwest-style belt ties the two together, providing a touch of formality without looking like he yanked it off a suit.  And for those of you fixated on the pleats; get over it.  Kyle is a fan of pleated dress trousers as he hates the way flat-front styles sit on his frame.

Overall, it’s a very simple outfit that travels well and would look at home almost anywhere.  While not all of us can pull off the extra open shirt button thing, Kyle is also a workout nut, so, yes he can.  And yes ladies – he is still single.

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  1. Kevin

    I assume the drink wristlet was issued at wherever this picture was taken and is not being worn as a Spring Break fashion statement.

  2. Ha! Good point Kevin; yes, the wrist band was issued at the event where the picture was taken. As much as he would probably like to still do the Spring Break thing, Kyle’s calendar is a bit too packed with more professional networking obligations.

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