Summer Style, All In The Details

As we are now in the full swing of summer, let’s look at one way to give an East Coast sartorial tradition a contemporary twist.  Nothing quite says summer style like a blue blazer, linen trousers, and worn-in white bucks.  Timeless, yes; but not necessarily stuffy.

In this case, details make the difference and allow the outfit to reflect a breezy, comfortable air.

Some may recognize these images as being from the session that yielded OTC’s winning Brooks Brothers’ “Dandiest at the Derby” entry.

The Ralph Lauren blazer benefits from an updated cut, side vents, and high arm-hole stance.  Brightening up the outfit while pulling together the ensemble’s components is a Hickey Freeman tie in a contemporary plaid.  Brooks Brothers’ Ainsley shirt, Custom linen trousers and 22 year-old Brooks Brother’s white bucks – no socks – set the sartorial foundation.

A pale blue edged pocket square from Alan Flusser, Smart Turnout’s Yale University cuff links, and J. Press ribbon belt provide personal detail and visual texture.  Rounding out the look is a vintage Brooks Brothers’ Panama hat and family walking stick with silver collar, monogrammed in 1923.


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