Summer Lovin’: How to Look Good With Leather

AHume ShoesOTC recently got together with the folks at British country goods brand A. Hume to come up with some stylish advice for blending leather into your summer wardrobe. Not only do we get to pass along some great advice from an outstanding company, it’s also a chance to use British versions of certain words – like colour.

With the weather finally warming up, your summer styling can officially start – but this doesn’t mean your favourite leather items have to be tucked to the back of the wardrobe. We know as style-conscious men that the things you wear – from your shoes to your bags – say a lot about you.

Leather will always be in style and can be adapted to suit any season. In today’s post, we’ll guide you through where and when you can incorporate leather into your summer wardrobe – from business meetings, city breaks or family holidays – helping you stay in style no matter the season.


Dressing for business can be difficult to get right, as you want to express professionalism without losing your personal style. A crisp shirt and smart trousers are always a winning combination – but the shoes are just as important – if not more so. A classic pair of brown leather shoes are the perfect accompaniment to most outfits add a unique touch to the classic suit and can work equally well with casual trousers and an odd jacket.

Technology can also benefit from leather’s polished look and unique style. Leather accessories can be just as impactful as leather clothing –  so add a touch of class to your work phone or tablet with a classic leather case, which will blend perfectly with the sophistication of your suit.


Sometimes a weekend away from a busy work schedule is just what you need – and spending time in a city you’ve never explored is the perfect way to relax. Packing light doesn’t have to mean compromising on style – and a small leather backpack can be the perfect travelling companion, fitting all your essentials into one place. The personal flair of a leather passport holder or wallet will finish your look.

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With longer summer holidays it can be hard to make sure your style is on point every day – as the limited space in your suitcase might not allow it. If you’re heading to warmer weather, remember that less is always more. In all likelihood, you probably won’t need half of the clothes in your bag, so focus on three or four essential outfits which you can mix up to create different looks. Stay organised with a leather travel organiser, which is perfect for keeping all essential documents in one place.

When night falls, pair a leather jacket with a plain shirt and some comfortable chinos to turn your look from daytime casual to nighttime chic.

Warmer weather doesn’t have to mean that you compromise on personal style. As we have shone here, there are a number of ways to stay cool this summer while keeping your style on trend, polished, and personalized.

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