Suiting Up With Proper Suit

OTC recently met with Richard Hall and McGregor J. Madden, co-owners of custom clothier Proper Suit.  While there are a lot of “custom” suit makers out there these days, Proper Suit, as a brand and a process, is uniquely impressive.

A near obsessive love of design, fit, quality and style is one of the distinctive traits I’ve observed in many of the legendary designers and clothiers I’ve had the chance to meet over the years.  Alan Flusser, Jon Green, Joseph Abboud and Frank Muytjens all live menswear, 24/7.  It’s their passion and it’s a remarkable thing to see in action.  That kind of dedication also explains why each is so good at what he does.

I bring this up because Richard and McGregor both exude the same level of obsession.  Unlike some other nascent suit makers, too often former investment bankers seeking only a new market, these guys absolutely love what they do.

They don’t simply want to sell you a suit, they want to sell you the best suit they can and make you love the process.

One of the things which most impressed me is that these guys have the experience to back up their sales pitch.  Both gentleman have spent several years in China, learning the tailoring business – and the language – from the ground up.  Working with technical and operations experts, they created a state-of-the-art facility which marries old world hand tailoring with laser guided automation.

Jon Green this is not.  But they are not trying to be Jon Green.  Proper Suit is geared toward young professionals looking to make a solid investment in a suit tailored just for them.  And this is where Richard and McGregor truly shine.  It has been a long time since I have been so thoroughly measured and analyzed.  They travel with a bag full of sample suits, fabric swatches, linings and buttons and have an organized, tested system.

Of all the custom/made-to-mesure brands we have come across, Proper Suit walks the talk and looks good doing it.  After learning about the brand and its founders, talking through the process and picking out all the details, we are seriously impressed.  The official OTC suit is in production at this very moment.

We chose a mid-weight three-season worsted in navy, with dark brown horn buttons and a red lining lining for the suit jacket.  A complimentary interior trim fabric in a light blue-grey, ads a subtle tweak.  We even added a hidden “OTC” under the jacket’s collar.  Can’t wait to show it to you in the review post; coming soon.

Want to get your own suit from Proper Suit?  Set up an appointment and learn more.

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  1. Joseph

    The entry level charcoal. Its really sturdy and comfy, good for long days at the office, which is what I need it for. Its a great cut. Next suit I will go for something more fun.

  2. I think this is an interesting business model. More importantly, the customer benefits from a value standpoint by avoiding all the middlemen, marketing costs, and retail markup designed to cover those costs. I look forward to my first purchase and wish the founders of Proper Suit all the best.

  3. Jovan – Good eye. That suit was made by a company named Black Lapel. Actually, it was made prior to the adoption of the “Black Lapel” name and by a different tailor. So, I’ll be reviewing a new suit in the near future under the new badge. Thanks for asking.

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