Stylishly Comfortable at Home: Tommy John Lounge Joggers

Relaxing at home during the holiday season, or anytime for that matter, is something to which many men look forward. Pulling on a favorite old college sweatshirt, some thick woolen socks, and a comfortable pair of slouchy pants is to the family dad what heading out to the bar can mean for the younger set; something we can’t wait to do come Friday.

Finding the right gear for relaxing can be challenging when you want to dress it up a bit and move beyond worn out PJs or workout bottoms that should have seen the rag pile a long time ago. On that note, we are happy to offer a genuinely stylish and inexplicably comfortable option as the clock counts down to the Christma-New Years’ break.

The Lounge Jogger from Tommy John is hands-down our favorite option for pulling on something in which to hang out and do nothing particularly productive.

Indescribably soft, they are lightweight enough for sleeping but also have a comfortable heft that makes them fine to wear when briefly stepping out in public, to check check the mail, for example. True to our past experiences with Tommy John products, these deconstructed joggers are well designed and well made. They have held up well to regular wear and repeated washes.

How much do we like these? We will be the first to make clear that there are rules to social and sartorial decorum, and that those rules exist for a reason. However, if ever allowed to wear these supremely comfy bottoms to work, the store, or, say, jury duty – without causing a divorce – we would.

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