Style & Substance: Ign. Joseph Shirts

Ignatious Joseph is not a subtle man.  Known sartorially for an elegant and distinctive style of dress, including his ubiquitous handmade red shoes and bowler, he also happens to make some of the finest dress shirts available.

Based on shirts from the 1930s, when the soft collar swept the menswear world, Ignatious Joseph’s eponymous brand is coveted by bankers and traders from London to New York, Milan to Brussels.  His shirt’s signature soft collar, luxurious fabrics, and vibrant color schemes are the brand’s collective calling card.

The philosophy behind his shirts is simple: they are luxury shirts for everyday wear; a modern sense of spirit derived from traditional craftsmanship. Ignatious Joseph shirts are what might be called semi-handmade and there is a reason for that.

While he is obsessive about craftsmanship, quality, and construction, Mr. Joseph does not entirely forgo modern technology.  The decision of what to do by hand and what to do by machine must be taken with a view to the product as a whole, and based on the skill and experience of the master shirt maker.  It’s a blend of economics and craft.

Mr. Joseph’s shirts are made by shirt makers who have refined and improved their specific craft over generations. “In order to produce shirts of the highest quality, and which are still affordable – meaning that there is a realistic margin for manufacturer and retailer – the critical tasks of cutting the shirts and sewing the non-fused collars are performed entirely by hand,” he says. Assembling the torso, a less challenging portion of the garment, is done by sewing machine.

Non-fused collars are the trademark of an Ignatious Joseph shirt.  They are complex creations which require highly skilled artisans.  Most high-end “handmade” shirts do not have hand sewn collars, due primarily to the expense and skill needed for such detailed work.

A pragmatist as well as a craftsman, Mr. Joseph demands that every Ignatious Joseph shirt be of the same high quality each and every time. This is only possible when each step of the shirt’s production is performed using the most appropriate method by experts in their craft.

As he likes to say, “The whole of the product is made not only by hand, but with brains.”

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