1. Another solid post Chris!

    You should consider following up on it with deeper discussion on the fabric options a man has when looking at blazers, and perhaps even touch on other colors besides Navy like bottle green and red. And when you start to talk about the controversial black blazer all the sartorialists within earshot will weigh in with their opinions 🙂

    Again – great post sir!



  2. Randolph and Mortimer

    Think you mean peak, rather than notched, for the Indo blazer, unless they are making a doublebreasted notch that isn’t shown in the picture (and would be horrendous).

  3. Vern Trotter

    Years ago, I had a Brooks cashmere navy blazer, single breasted, bought at the original Filene’s basement, one of a group of four or five that I alternated to spread the wear around. I replaced the brass buttons with hard to find scrimshaw buttons and it became my favorite. Alas, the cashmere became so worn I had to toss it.

    Does anyone know where I can now find scrimshaw buttons?

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