A New Spin on Underwear: The Eighth

theeighth_sport_mysterioso_frontToday’s men’s underwear is not your father’s underwear. In some cases, it’s even the underwear you’re currently used to. As with every other aspect of the menswear space, furnishings – underwear, undershirts, socks – are all being re-imagined. Blending new designs with high tech materials, today’s underwear option can keep you comfortable all day long.

Using materials more often associated with sports gear, this new generation of underwear is formfitting but not tight, moisture wicking, and breathable. They also create much less bulk and tend to fit better under slimmer fitting clothing. It’s a new way of thinking about getting dressed.

The Eighth is a fresh entry to this market and they are not being shy about it. With options that range from traditional briefs to boxer briefs, to athletic-inspired sport briefs, to classic boxers, the brand provides underwear to fit your needs and your lifestyle. They even offer a pair of amazing cashmere and silk blend long johns that will likely become your go-to lounge pants.

Yes, they have some crazy designs and the branding is in-your-face quirky, but that’s what makes this brand so refreshing. The product quality has been great and even with repeated washing and regular wear, they remain comfortable with no loss of shape and elasticity.

So, add a little fun to your underwear drawer and inject come true comfort into your day; check out The Eighth.

The Eighth Long Johns

The Eighth_black1_front_1024x1024 BB-PI-UK-B8_STILL_001


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