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Standard Shirt LogoThe classic white dress shirt is indeed classic. It goes with virtually anything and as a wardrobe staple, blends with almost any genre. It pairs well with jeans and old docksiders or a bespoke suit and seven-fold tie. If there truly is one item that should be at the core of any man’s wardrobe, the white dress shirt is as good a candidate as any.

And now there is a company dedicated to the sole execution of this garment. Holding the belief that the white dress shirt is indeed a necessary basic for any man, Standard Shirt has made it their mission to create a classic version suited to almost any man’s need.

Classic in form, this modern cut shirt – read slimmer and European in detail with higher armholes – the design of Standard Shirt’s shirt is simple yet elegant. Two collar styles are currently offered, a classic cutaway and a traditional spread and both are designed work equally well with or without a tie.

As they say, their shirts are meant to be the right choice, whether in a boardroom or at the bar. And, at US$59.00, you can easily pick a few for each situation.

Standard Shirt (craftmanship-details)

We found our Standard Shirt dress shirt to be well-made and smartly designed. A note of warning when it comes to fit: the cut is indeed slim. Standard Shirt features incremental sizing; shirts size up by thirds and quarters of an inch rather than halves to achieve a more nuanced fit. In addition, a narrow body and darted sides mean that you will want to be accurate when determining your size.

The shirts are proudly constructed in Korea of a distinctive Xinjiang 80s oxford pinpoint that has a pleasing, slightly textured hand; somewhere between oxford than pinpoint. Construction details include 18 stitches per inch, mother-of-pearl buttons, reinforced construction at the cuffs and collar, and blue contrast stitching on the shirt cuff button.

Standard Shirt Spread4-1600x2065

Standard Shirt Cutaway4-1600x2065

Standard Shirt (craftmanship-workmanship)

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