Sette Neckwear’s DC Trunk Show: April 21, 2012

Every now and then OTC is contacted about a brand that is so well executed it effectively redefines its product’s category.  Sette, maker of incomparable seven-fold neckties, is such a brand.  You are invited to visit with Sette’s founder and peruse their beautiful neckties tomorrow, Saturday, April 21.  Read on for the event’s particulars.

Founded by former White House press officer Peter Watkins, the idea for Sette (the number seven in Italian) came when he had the chance to spend some time with the Italian prime minister’s personal tie maker.  Seeing the opportunity to create equally elegant neckwear for American dignitaries, luminaries, social and media leaders, and business executives, Watkins outlined his somewhat audacious plan and went looking for a craftsman capable of bringing it to life.  Enter designer Robert Jensen.

Bob Jensen has been at the forefront of high-end neckwear for more than 30 years.  Apprenticed to legendary American neckwear icon Robert Talbott in 1979, he quickly became a leading force behind Robert Talbott’s global presence and the designs of its iconic neckties.

By the mid-1980s, Jensen was lead designer at Robert Talbott and was the first to bring back to the fashion world the traditional method of creating a seven-fold necktie.  A complex and exacting task, only a very few artisans have perfected the skill, and even fewer the level of Bob Jensen.

Now Sette’s lead designer, Jensen has elevated the seven-fold necktie to yet another level, one that makes it an heirloom; something to be cherished and passed down father to son.  Crafted in limited editions, each tie is designed, cut, folded, stitched, and finished by hand to exacting standards.  Every element of the design is thought through – even to the point of printing the Sette label into the tie’s design.  The tie’s keeper is the only separate element that breaks the continuous flow silk.  Even the bar tacks are shaped into a number “7”.

Even the tie’s packaging is carefully considered.  Hand-folded and hand-placed into a beautiful presentation box, your Sette tie is less a purchase than it is an investment in the art of dressing well for life.

We encourage you to see for yourself the design, quality, and elegance which are the hallmarks of Sette neckties.  Tomorrow – Saturday, April 21, 2012, from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., the Sette trunk show will ensconce itself at the legendary Washington, D.C., Mayflower Hotel, in the Delaware Board Room.

Email concierge (at) setteneckwear (dot) com, or tweet Sette at @SetteNeckwear and they will set you up.

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  1. Vern Trotter

    I do not see the price. Based on my suspicions, I recommend Harrods’ Silk & Clean. It is the best stain remover for silk and other fabrics I have found.

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