Behind the Scenes at Barbour

A Barbour jacket is perhaps one of the most iconic garments around today.  Even at a distance, they are immediately recognizable.  The Barbour  brand itself is synonymous with country living, horses, rolling estates, a stiff drink and, more than anything else, heritage.

Your classic Beaufort or Bedale coat is meant to be with you for life.  The brand has expanded to offer contemporary takes on timeless styles and rugged design.  However, one thing that will never change is the hand-made durability and longevity built into each one of their products.

Barbour’s design DNA is why pretty much anyone who loves classic style cherishes this brand, be it an urban hipster or old-school preppy.

If you don’t have a Barbour, save up for one.  If you already do, keep beating it to heck; these jackets are meant to be lived in.  And, as this video shows, when in need of repair or re-waxing, you can ship your beloved jacket back to the company where a single craftsperson will do what’s needed to get it back into shape and safely home – for another generation to appreciate.

Credit due: Thanks to our friend Fred Castleberry over at Unabashedly Prep for first flagging this wonderful video.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I love my Barbour–If I’m ever asked to do one of those “12 Things I Cannot Live Without” lists, it’s going to be on it. My coat is about 20 years old and I’ve sent it back to the factory for an overhaul only once.

  2. Jan! Thank you for linking us back to your site – you made a wonderful film that I’m probably going to watch again today. I can’t wait for the weather to turn so that I can pull out my Barbour, turn up the collar, and walk the dog on a brisk evening.

  3. Vern Trotter

    Just saved $100 on a new Barbour from Royal Male in Newport RI! No sales tax in RI on clothing plus at least $50 less than anywhere in the country. Will ship anywhere.

  4. Rob Baltz

    Thanks for posting this. How ironic, I just sent my 15 year old Beaufort back to Barbour for an overhaul yesterday. My wife told me to trash it and buy a new one, but I could not bring myself to part with it. I can’t wait to see what magic they can work on it.

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