We Recommend: The Watch Winder from Barrington

Barrington Racing Green Watch Winder Editorial ImageIf there is one downside for those who love automatic watches, it’s keeping them wound and running. Automatic timepieces, those which require the regular movement of the wearer to keep an internal engine running, are wonderful accessories and often deeply personal talismans. Their daily upkeep, however, can be a bit of a pain.

For the horologically  inclined, the solution is often a watch winder. If you have multiple automatic timepieces, a watch winder can very much be a necessity, rather than simply a luxury. We have been testing out a single watch winder model from British maker Barrington. Founded in 2009, the company filled a much needed space in the middle ground of watch enthusiasts looking for a well made and well-crafted watch winder at an affordable price.

Working with the British-based design teams at Conka Design and Hoffi, several months of design and testing resulted in the launch of the Barrington single watch winder. Elements of the original design have since been modified and improved upon, including the addition an ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor and a number of features to conserve battery life. In 2012 Barrington expanded its range to include double, quad, six and twelve watch winders.

Barrington Watch Winder (Three Pic)

We have found the Barrington single watch winder to a great option and surprisingly smart looking too boot. The winder can be powered either by batteries or by being plugged into an outlet. The functional design and compact sizing are actually quite attractive and to us the British racing green lends it a sharp look that fits well into most spaces. While the adjustable cushion fits most of our watches, it is definitely geared toward those with larger wrists. The motor is indeed quiet and reliable and as a tool, it’s definitely a solid investment.

Barrington Watch Winder (Green)

Barrington Watch Winder_Front

Barrington Watch Winder_Two Views

Barrington Watch Winder_Rear


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