Reading Room

The Rake Charles Dance CoverHaving a sense of personal style is not limited to clothing or bags, the right shoes, or a nice watch.  Ask most people what makes a man attractive, interesting, polished, or simply worth being around and you’ll hear words like “personality,” “intelligence,” “taste” or “intellectual curiosity.”

Cultivating a good reading list is, in our perspective, vital.  You don’t have to read every day or pick up every issue, but you should make a point of keeping informed about the world around you.  Some of these publications live only online and several produce both electronic and paper editions.

As fans of well crafted periodicals, we encourage you to pick up a physical issue every now and then; nothing quite matches the pleasure of flipping through a well laid-out magazine.  Of course, tablets allow for easy digestion of all manner of interesting media, and allow you to quickly hop onto OTC and see what’s new.

This is an ever-evolving list, so feel free to let us know about your favorites.  Just stroll over to the Contact OTC page and drop us a line.


Brownbook Magazine
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Fantastic Man

Financial Times
Foreign Affairs Magazine
Garden & Gun
International New York Times
Inventory Magazine
Parisian Gentleman
Slowear Journal
The New York Times
T Magazine (New York Times Magazine)

The Paris Review
The Rake
RL Magazine
WSJ (Wall Street Journal Magazine)
Vanity Fair
Yale University Press

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