Read Wall’s Clean American Prep

Read Wall Roosevelt Oxford

Simple lines and details that are both functional and aesthetically relevant are the rule when it comes to Read Wall’s clothes.  For example, his oxfords are trim but not skinny, and have a unique feature that speaks directly to his grown-up sense of American style; a flapped chest pocket.

Some designer like shirt pockets, others opt out.  The flapped pocket on Read Wall’s shirts is a direct homage to the classic J. Press oxford.  To us, that kind of nuanced historical referencing – and the clean, modern way the detail is executed – is the sign of an intellectual designer’s mind.

Read Wall LogoIn some ways, Read has no right to so effectively employ this stripped down, mature East Coast aesthetic.  At a mere 26 years old, one might expect this young designer to be following the overblown faux old-world preppy trend, but no, he’s past that.  Form, function, and offhanded class are core elements to the brand.  Another driver is a commitment to creating true American sportswear; the kind that JFK effortlessly employed with great wind swept success.

Even his name, Read Wall, (yes, it’s really his name) reflects the brand’s mature WASPyness.  It’s classic, clean and unique in a way that catches your attention.  His clothing could be similarly described; simplified modern classics.

Read Wall also trades on its construction and materials.  Fabrics are individually sourced from top mills in Japan, Italy, and the United States.  And, holding true to the American-ness of the brand, all their products are manufactured in the U.S., in factories focused on a particular expertise.  The shirts are made by actual shirt makers, trousers by pants experts, and now suiting by one of the best (and last) large-scale tailoring shops in America.

Read Wall Wright Chinos_Detail

Speaking of pants, Read Wall Wright Chinos are flat-out awesome.  Clean lines create a trim but comfortable silhouette and the dense brushed twill is perfect for the coming autumn.  Dressier details like the buttoned fly and extended tab waistband give them a personality that can go formal or casual with ease.  And, although the website’s product shot don’t really show it, the 7.5 inch leg opening provides a pleasingly modern taper.

Currently, you can find Read Wall on the web, but plans may be in the works for a physical retail presence.  Read Wall has already received a great deal of positive press and the reviews reinforce his approach and aesthetic.  So, whatever the next steps prove to be, they should look pretty good.

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