Railtek Belts: Smooth Operator

2016-06-01 14.34.04-1Belts a necessity of daily life, but they are also an opportunity to express one’s style, personality, love of design, or appreciation of luxury craftsmanship. For those of us who fall into the dreaded “in-between” space of belt sizing, finding a belt that fits can be a particular challenge.

We recently tested out the ratcheted Railtek belt and find it to be a stylish and thoroughly modern wardrobe option.

Belts that adjust without holes and instead rely on an adjustable track built into the backside of the belt’ strap can be a tricky endeavor. While essentially an evolutionary step forward from  friction or box frame buckles, their inherent mechanical design dictates the need for a buckle with additional bulk. Also, they can sometimes be less comfortable to wear and have some design limitations.

We found the brushed steel model to be a good option because of its clean design and minimalist style. Right our of the box, it’s easy to size and quickly attach the buckle. The wide strap and larger size of the buckle means that it pairs well with jeans and khakis, and with 40 size positions from which to choose, you can be sure that your belt will fit just right.

While we typically err on the side of classic and timeless, at only $30.00, adding this modern take (and function) on a classic style is something we wholly endorse.








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