The Perfect Bag for the Stuff in Your Bag

Great new zippered pouch from @ntandy. Keep all your small essentials handy in surfer cool style. #manbag #accessories #menstyle #bag

Napper Tandy – ntandy – is one brand that always makes us feel happy. Built on a philosophy of surfer chillness and and the value of keeping things simple and basic, Napper’s wares are stuff you actually use.

That said, never confuse simple for cheap. These goods are solid, detailed, and without question, made to last.

The brand’s signature 1,000 pound-test nylon webbing belts are in constant use in our office and their simple, classic design are the perfect foil for even the most dressed up business casual outfits. Or shorts, docksiders, and a really worn-out polo. Whichever mood you’re in.

Now, we are proud to introduce their new Waxed Canvas Holdall, which takes that casual ruggedness and puts it in your hands, or work bag – again, whichever works for you.

This perfectly sized zippered pouch is just right for keeping everyday items close at hand, or as a stand-alone small hand carry bag when you’re going light. It’s made from Martexin 10.10 ounce water resistant waxed canvas on the outside and lined with bold ntandy, board short style nylon. The Vislon zipper is from YKK.

We find the Waxed Canvas Holdall to be just right for hauling around all that small stuff you tend to lose if  they’re not properly corralled: phone chargers, wallet, cables, keys, pens, lip balm, and a handy pack of gum – always need that.


The new @ntandy zippered Holdall is perfect for keeping everyday items close at hand, or as a stand-alone small hand carry bag when you're going light. #manbag @manandbag #accessories

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