Real Style is Always in the Details

In this column, I decided to forego the traditional “best gift” or “best men’s stores” schtick. Besides, you’ll be seeing that “best whatever” type of thing all over the place and while these lists can be entertaining, for the most part they just encourage you to buy more stuff you don’t need. Rather, we’re going … [Read more…]

Great Collection of Footwear Companies

I was looking through the Style Forum site recently and came across an excellent, and exhaustive, listing of shoe makers and links to all their sites. Take a look when you have a few minutes to spare – it’s a big list.

Getting Started; The Basics First

I’ve had a number of people ask me about putting together some basic tips for whipping their wardrobes in shape, so here it is.To make this a more useful and dynamic resource, I’ll always try to include links whenever possible to the companies, products or terms I use throughout the posts. If I miss anything … [Read more…]