Last-Minute gift? Layrite Pomade

Layrite Pomade

Are you looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, or an easy gift for that guy with pretty good hair who seems to have everything? Allow the staff at OTC to humbly suggest the best darn hair pomade we have ever come across. Layrite Super Hold may have some great throw-back graphics and look like something … [Read more…]

    Revisiting Read Wall’s Modern American Prep

    2015-12-10 (Read Wall Store_4)

    Read Wall is a Washington, D.C., based menswear brand that takes the best of classic East Coast Ivy League style and deftly reinterprets it for today’s modern man. We have been following, and collaborating with, Read for several years and are continually impressed by this young man who has a clear-eyed understanding of what makes … [Read more…]

      Citizen Ecosphere: The Better Basic Watch

      Another view of our @citizenwatchus Echosphere sport watch. All the style and rugged build of a #diverwatch without the bells and whistles. Clean, simple, and smart lines make it a great everyday watch that tells people you still like to get out and explore. Even if it's only a hike to the coffee shop. #menswatch #timepiece #watch #ecodrive

      With all the talk of exotic timepieces and expensive, heritage watch brands, it’s easy to forget the attractions of a simple, straightforward watch. We love Rolex, Panerai, IWC, and Patek Philippe as much as anyone else, but we also know the value of keeping a few – or just one – everyday watch for everyday … [Read more…]

        Cool Urban Heritage with Timberland

        2015-10-27 17.01.26

        Timberland isn’t just about outdoor excursions anymore. In care you missed it, this classic American heritage brand has deftly re-branded the Timberland ethos to tap into the fact that many younger style influencers and urban nomads are calling the city home these days. They have the same sense of adventure and exploration as their forefathers, … [Read more…]

          Hand-Painted Wallets from D’Alembert

          Our new exceptional small #wallet from @dalembertofficial. Hand-painted leather produced through a painstakingly laborious process. Can't wait to put this #heirloom its paces. #luxury #handmade #leather #accessories

          Originally conceived as a way of mimicking the natural patinas leather goods accumulate over years of use, the process of dying is transformed into an art form by D’Alembert. Their unique wallets are instantly set apart by hand painted finishes that elevate decoration to an entirely new level. Starting with the finest French calfskin and … [Read more…]

            2015 OTC Holiday Gift Guide

            Triple FAT Goose_hesselberg-red2_2

            This year’s Off the Cuff Holiday Gift Guide is a unique collection of 15 top products and brands vetted, used, and tested by OTC staff. Whether a clever key chain or Arctic-ready parka, we have put these items through their paces and found them to meet the high standards we set for our readers. As … [Read more…]

              Tactical Denim from Triple Aught Design

              TAD Intercept Denim Kneeling Shot

              These days it seems that everyone has their hand in the denim space. Japanese selvage, American heritage, and everything in between – and that’s a great thing for those of use who love a great pair of jeans. San Francisco-based Triple Aught Design, one of our favorite outdoors brands with bona-fides tactical roots, has raised … [Read more…]

                Corniche: A Watch Brand to Watch

                Corniche-Heritage-40-Tuxedo-2 (rear)

                It may not seem so, but the market for reasonably priced, well-made, and very well-styled timepieces is actually getting a bit crowded. Indeed, finding a sub-US$500.00 watch that you can wear with pride to the office, a dinner party, or out on the town has gotten much easier over the past two years or so. … [Read more…]