1. Doc

    These are outstanding bags. There just isn’t enough good to say about them. Perfect for a trip to the regatta or the in-laws. Very well made!

  2. Tillertothesail

    I actually had a less than pleasant experience with them and would not recommend the brand. Terrible customer service.

  3. Tillertothesail:
    As the owner of True Wind, it troubles me greatly to read your post. We pride ourselves on our customer service and Made in the USA label. No offense, but I have a hard time believing you ever contacted us because each and every customer is treated with the utmost of courtesy and respect.
    Meredith Marquis

  4. Now, now Spelling Police…..there needs to be some latitude when it comes to being punny.

    For the grammatically pure out there……..”Truly Preppy Travel: True Wind Sailcloth Bags”

  5. Joey

    I have 3 True Wind bags, which include 2 duffles and a monogrammed Ditty Bag. I always use one of the duffles as my carry-on because it holds everything I need when traveling. The Ditty bag holds all my small items, nicely. They are beautiful, well-made bags that are like no other bags I’ve ever seen. I constantly get compliments from on-lookers! Keep up the great work True Wind!!

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