Modern Military Inspiration: Inseam Clothing

Inseam Clothing Khaki Racer PantInseam Clothing & Supply takes its inspiration from military classics and blends that timeless functionality with a very modern, urban ethos. There is a heavy touch of self-awareness to this 15 year-old brand that doesn’t simply reference military uniforms; in some cases it nearly parodies them.

Founded by two Boston guys who wanted to make a fresh and modern version of their beloved army-navy store khakis, the original concept of military-inspired menswear still shines through. Inseam continues to evolve it’s designs, but seeks to stay within a framework that we are calling “industrial cool.”

The design DNA that runs through their compact product range is very much based on work wear. Clean lines, clear design themes, tough and sturdy construction dominate. What also dominates, and this helps the brand maintain it’s niche uniqueness, is the parade ground influences of their military inspired items.

These garments are fun and edgy at the same time; made to be worn but also designed to be noticed. That combination is not for everyone, and while the company is based in Beantown, many of Inseam’s looks are very NYC or Brooklyn. Another interesting factor is the impressive complexity of many of their pieces; these are not fast fashion by a long mile. Everything is made in America and produced in small batches. Construction details are many and the designs are often pretty complex.

We have been testing out Inseam’s Racer Pant in a lightweight brushed khaki twill. What’s nice about these pants is that they embody all of the uniqueness that Inseam brings to the table while still being relatively neutral and “everyday.”

These pants are mildly edgy khakis that look and fit unlike any chinos you would find in a classic trad lover’s wardrobe. These ergonomically-cut casual pants are actually constructed from 28 individual pieces and stylistically reference something you might wear while racing super bikes on the salt flats. They are also quire comfortable.

Without question, the fit is slim and streamlined. They are very much casual pants, but can still be dressed up in a beachy, laid-back sort of way.

The unique, technical/functional design of the Racer Pant also has the added benefit of prompting others to think your life might include things like sky diving, globe hopping, and other high octane pastimes. However, unless your physique actually fits that lifestyle, you will probably need to order up size.

Inseam Clothing Khaki Racer Pant_2

Inseam Brand Logo

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  1. Steve

    These pictures aren’t going to sell those trousers. Too tight in the seat and crotch and poorly hemmed. Yes, I read the text.

    OTC, is this post really directed to your target market? I wouldn’t wear these on a bet.

  2. Thanks for your comment Steve. We know that Inseam may not be a brand for every OTC reader, and that’s fine. While we love classic style and timeless design, we also love to let folks know about other brands and labels that otherwise they might never know about.

    Our target market, by the way, are people who are interested in great menswear and accessories, and who like to learn about different ideas and viewpoints when it comes to takes on classically-inspired style.

    You’re clearly not a fan of the pants, which of course is your right. And, your knock of the photos is a fine point – we did not have a chance to shoot them ourselves, which is just the way it goes sometimes. However, the comment about hemming is a bit of a mystery. As casual pants go, they seem pretty spot-on to us.

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