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Marlowe Mens LineThe men’s grooming space is getting a bit more crowded. Never before has there been such a wide range of skincare, hair care, lotions, shaving systems, and beard oils to cater to men of every type.

Marlowe. is a new entrant to the bathroom vanity war and we had a chance to test out a range of their offerings. With clean, black and white packaging that reminds us of  clinical or apothecary lines, the full collection works well for both men and women. Though lightly marketed to different genders (literally, just at the word “men’s”), the collection as a whole is essentially unisex. Mild scents that work well for both men and women and a proprietary “M Blend,” containing four key extracts that offer high moisture, skin soothing properties, and skin regeneration and protection, give the products a neutrally appealing quality.

As a brand with a clearly defined social responsibility component, Marlowe.’s stated goal is to inspire people to contribute to a better world. Since its founding, Marlowe. has partnered with Clean the World to support disease prevention through hygiene and sustainability initiatives. With every item purchased, Marlowe. supports Clean the World as they bring soap and education to communities around the U.S. at-risk for hygiene-related illnesses.

Acknowledging consumer’s demand for quality and provenance, marketing pieces make clear that each Marlowe. product is made in the USA, paraben and phthalate-free, and has not been tested on animals.

The attractive and modern black-and-white packaging looks like that of a high-end clinical skin care line. Sold exclusively through Target, every item is priced less than US$10.

Clean the World is dedicated to saving millions of lives around the world while simultaneously diverting hotel waste from landfills. More than 5,000 children die every day from hygiene-related illnesses, primarily pneumonia, and diarrheal disease, which are two of the top killers of children under the age of 5. Since 2009, Clean the World has contributed to a 30 percent reduction in pre-adolescent deaths from hygiene-related illnesses by providing soap and hygiene education to make hand washing a lifelong habit and encourage vigorous childhood development.Marlowe Men's Body Wash



Marlowe Men's Facial Moisturizer

Marlowe Men's Body Scrub Bar

Marlowe Men's Shave Gel



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