Knot Standard is Definitely Not Standard

2016-03-02 16.16.27We are excited to finally work with a brand we have followed for some time – Knot Standard.

The company behind this clever pun of a name is indeed not standard whatsoever. Customization is key here, and a focus on fit and balance highlight its dedication to getting the job done right.

While there are now many clothiers that offer custom and made-to-measure services, Knot Standard is known for its attention to detail and focus on getting the fit right. A broad selection of fabrics that rival many higher-end shops and endless customization features help it stand apart from others.

2016-03-02 16.17.49Our project is for a three-season odd jacket that will pair equally well with jeans or grey flannel trousers. Shop manager Nick Jerome provides us with attentive and knowledgeable service and did a very good read on preferences and fit. We are looking forward to reviewing the finished product and sharing it with OTC’s readers.

The remarkable thing about Knot Standard it the breadth of its customization abilities. In addition to suits and sport coats, dress trousers and dress shirts, they can create made-to-measure polo shirts, sweaters, casual pants, top coats, and even scarves.

They also have partnered with several accessories brands to provide the finishing touches to your wardrobe. In particular, they offer  footwear from our friends at Cobbler Union and luggage from our other friends at Hook & Albert.

Below is a visual tour of Knot Standard’s Washington D.C. showroom.

2016-03-02 16.18.16 HDR

2016-03-02 16.19.37

2016-03-02 16.23.39

2016-03-02 16.17.08

2016-03-02 16.21.06

2016-03-02 16.21.18

2016-03-02 16.17.25

2016-03-02 16.18.04

2016-03-02 16.19.54-1

2016-03-02 16.18.35

2016-03-02 16.16.46

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