Keeping Warm with Barbour Accessories

Barbour Bench Shot_1Barbour is of course best known for it’s waxed jackets. World famous and instantly recognizable, Barbour waxwear has spawned legions of imitators and inspired many to imagine themselves living the life of landed gentry. As a brand, Barbour is both respected for the rugged construction of its products, designed to be loved and abused in equal parts, and for the inherent refined sensibilities built into everything Barbour makes.

Indeed, the more worn out, beat-up, and scarred the coat, the more cherished it becomes. Barbour has earned a place in the Pantheon of menswear brands because of its dogged adherence to a policy of putting form before function. Even products that seem sexy and adventurous are grounded in practicality. Take their original waxed motorcycle jacket – the epitome of rugged, life-on-the-edge style. In fact, it was designed back in 1936 to be worn while riding a motorcycle. The ensuing cool factor resulted from all the amazing feats performed while actually wearing that jacket. It’s an earned reputation – a rare thing in today’s world.

While their waxwear jackets are of course instantly recognizable and coveted heirlooms, OTC has partnered with British retailer Infinities to highlight some great Barbour accessories to keep you warm, organized, and stylish even as the weather stays cold and snowy.

This leather and waxed cotton field bag is perfect for every travel needs. The rugged materials and durable construction represent everything for which Barbour is best known and its practical functionality makes this bag eminently useful. A large main compartment holds everything you need when out and about and the two front snap pockets keep smaller items close at hand. Bellowed and fitted with drainage grommets, they also can be used for more field-worthy purposes should the need arise.

Barbour Waxed Field Bag_1While they have the look of heavy-duty gear, these leather and wool gloves are deceivingly slim and elegant. The wool liners are actually stitched into the leather body to form a single piece, keeping the bulk down while also creating a pair of gloves that work well for city and country pursuits.

Barbour Gloves SnowWe all need a a bit courage every now and then, and this Barbour leather-wrapped hip flask is always up to the job. It’s a classic item that always finds a place to call home. It is compact and solid, with a handy hinged, screw off cap. And, while you can fill it with any beverage to suite your preference, we opt for a nod to our American roots: Jack Daniel’s Old No.7.

Barbour Flask SnowThe iconic trapper cap is world-famous in its own right, and Barbour’s version is up to the job one would expect from this classic. Lined with warm wool fleece and an outer shell crafted from its waterproof waxed cotton, this hat will keep you warm any day of the week.

Barbour Hat Snow_1No matter what adventures your day may hold, from running errands to a country hunt, a stroll in city or a hike through the mountains, these Barbour accessories help make life a bit sharper and and more comfortable.

Barbour Waxed Field Bag Interior

Barbour Bench Shot_2

Barbour Blanket Shot_1


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