Jack Erwin Driving Mocs: Outstanding Shoes, Bargain Price

Jack Erwin Green Suede_1Jack Erwin has made a name for itself as a Warby Parker-ish online brand built around classic styles, a fair price, and strong personality brand-building. The designs are classic, but updated for modern city-dwelling customers who want some infusion of contemporary styling as well as eye-catching practicality.

With their new Parker Driving Loafer, Jack Erwin has moved into a space that is often a repository for Tod’s wannabes and, frankly, uninspired options. As it turns out, the Parker is perhaps one of the best versions of the rubber stud  suede driving moc we have tried. Surprisingly soft construction is paired with a comfortable and supportive sole result in a shoe we just don’t want to take off. Priced at US$115.00, the Parker is a poster child for getting way more than you pay for; they have every right to charge much more.

We had the pleasure of getting our feet into the bottle green and chocolate suede versions and continue to be amazed at how comfortable they feel and how well designed they are. From shorts to linen trousers, khakis to jeans to even a bathing suit, they look great with everything. They are fitted without being too snug and, as with the much pricier patriarch of driving shoes, Tod’s Gommino, they have a well-balanced shape that is slimming and relaxed but not effete and insubstantial.

The Parker has a defined presence that creates a stylish and adaptable base for whatever you are wearing. That’s a truly rare feat, as it were. It’s not very often that OTC will gush over a particular product, but in this case we’ll take the Parker in every color and probably wear them almost every warm day we can.


JackErwin Brown Suede_1

Jack Erwin Green Suede_3

Jack Erwin Green Suede_2

Jack Erwin Brown Suede_3

Jack Erwin Brown Suede_2


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