American Made. Global Market.

Frank Clegg has become the face of American leather craftsmanship.  Seemingly overnight, he has surged in the consciousness of high-end customers, style bloggers, Madison Avenue editors, Fifth Avenue retailers, and Made-in-America aficionados.

His brand, Frank Clegg Leatherworks, is built around the fact that he is more than just a name, he is also a maker.

It’s a great story, but it’s only a very small part of the larger story.  No overnight success – not by a long shot – Frank is a craftsman, yes, but he also has 30 years of expertise in custom leather work under his belt.  He has long been sought after by such top-notch brands as Alden and Cole Hann.  And he has legions of customers around the world who hand down his goods father-to-son.

If you want to know what makes Frank tick and why he is very much an American treasure, please read our earlier article about his background and passion for his craft.

The folks at Craft Series, which documents American artisans, created this great video that captures Frank’s remarkable skill and showcases his craftsmanship in action.  Check him out as he creates a custom briefcase on the fly; no pattern and no template.  Just experience and expertise.

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