Fin’s For Him: Seriously Comfortable City Shoes

This is a true story. When the package from England containing two pair of Fin’s For Him shoes arrived at OTC’s HQ, there was little time to waste.

After appreciating the beauty and construction of both the Cooper brogues and Bobby slip-ins, it was time to head out for a day of meetings.

On went the Coopers and off went our editor-in-chief.  After literally walking all day, from Metro Center to Georgetown and back, for those of you who know DC, there was not a blister in sight. Never before had a pair of dress shoes so effortlessly slipped into preferred status right out of the box. (See below for a special OTC-only deal on ordering your own pair.)

Fin’s are very special shoes.

Launched in 2008, Fin’s For Him was founded by Londoner Alexandra Finlay. She wanted to create a shoe for her males friends that blended the casualness of a summer loafer with the style and quality of a High Street dress shoe.  She settled on a comfortable suede loafer cum driving moccasin.

What began with that suede loafer, still the brand’s cornerstone, has grown into a collection of footwear and accessories including formal city shoes, casual desert boots and now, accessories. All of her products are designed around the mantra of, “Simple, Classic, Affordable and Fuss-Free.”

As a result, the Fin’s brand has garnered a global clientele and its relatively accessible price point means that one need not break the bank to give them a try. While keeping things affordable is a priority, quality is still vital – especially when it comes to footwear. The shoes are hand-stitched in a family-run factory in Portugal and all the accessories are made in Italy.

We find Fin’s to be extremely well made and almost unnaturally comfortable, hence the total lack of break-in. Similarly, the Bobby slip-in also required no getting used to and its supple leather almost makes it feel like a house slipper. Make sure to order down one size on the slip-ins.

While we have not had a chance to test run their casual footwear, these city shoes are outstanding and uniquely English in form. The trim double soles are complimented by a slightly larger (by American standards) toe box. This allows the shoe to provide visual heft and balance to a suit while not appearing clunky or overly casual. “Elegant” is the word which often comes to mind.

While the Fin’s brand has gained popularity in the United States, the cost of getting them here can still be a bit steep (though, in our opinion completely worth it).

To encourage OTC’s readers to give Fin’s For Him a try, Alexandra is offering a 15% discount – not including shipping – on all orders. Just use the code “OTC15” at checkout.

OTC is happy to recommend Fin’s dress shoes.  They are a perfect start to building up your New Year’s wardrobe!

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  1. Given the comment about not breaking the bank, I was expecting something < $150. Managing 70 pounds is one thing, but managing 177 pounds is quite again something else. Yes, I have ridiculously priced shoes in my closet, but they key is that I paid nowhere near original price for them. While I would love to try a pair, I'm afraid $350~$400 shoes are not on the radar for the foreseeable future.

  2. Fin’s For Him are fantastic! There’s nothing like a great pair of shoes for the whole day, especially if you’re walking a lot. Alexandra Finlay has made a really good brand of shoes for men.

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