EROIX: Evolution of the Boxer


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While the clothing in which we attire ourselves can play a large role in how others see us, how we see us is often driven by our choice in the kinds of garments very few people ever do see.

The menswear revolution is being driven for the most part by changes in public attire – work wear and casual clothes that take on long-held stereotypes and conventions. However, an equally important shake-up has been taking place in the underwear drawer.

While less dramatic than made-to-order suits that arrive in a week, foundation garments – socks, undershirts, and underwear – have been changing too. Gone are they days when men had few choices when it comes to the layer closest to their bodies. And, while some may scoff, it’s a pretty big issue when you think about it. Saggy, heavy cotton undershirts and terribly designed boxers and briefs have been for a very long time, the bane of men everywhere.

However, over the past several years, the men’s foundation market has been upended by new players with fresh ideas about comfort, fabric, style, and design. Still, one item remained relatively unchanged: the boxer short.

EROIX-Underneathwear-BOARDROOM-BLACK-DETAIL_1024x1024Yes, we had some fun tweaks such as slim-cut or “classic” boxers, fun patterns, designs, and buttons. But over the years, there has been no real innovation in the basic idea of what a boxer short is or could be. Until now.

EROIX, a clothing brand founded by a husband and wife team from Hawaii has indeed completely re-imagined the boxer short. They don’t even call their products underwear – they are underneathwear.

EROIX boxers come in two models. The Boardroom, which has a button closure, while the Suit & Tied, which has a flat tie closure.

From pretty much any angle, they totally unique. Both models share a design and feel that are unlike any underwear we have ever seen before. Tailored like a fine shirt, the fabric is indeed a finely woven pinpoint cotton. The boxers’ design has a slightly angled leg opening that results in almost no bunching, even when under jeans. A sized waist allows you to get just the right fit and, taken together, these elements result in some luxurious underwear that you barely even feel.

Another nice option for EROIX boxers is that they can be worn as lounge- or sleepwear. The tailoring and materials present a look that, while not necessarily appropriate for strolling down the street, are just fine for hanging out at home on a Saturday morning over coffee and the morning paper with your loved one.

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