Equestrian Style from England’s Lavenham

2016-05-23 14.00.53-2If you love horses or just love equestrian style, Lavenham is a brand about which you either know or should know.

This English company, based in the rolling fields of Sufolk, makes authentic quilted riding kit for both human and horse, and they do it better than pretty much anyone else. One reason for the brand’s standing is that this is not a designer brand or one that emulates a “landed gentry” lifestyle.

Lavenham is, first and foremost, an equestrian gear company; that is, they make products meant to be worn and used as part of a horse-centric life. As its primary claim to fame, the company perfected the iconic diamond stitched quilted riding jacket.

Essentially a functional turnout coat, paddock jacket, call-it-what-you-will, this classic garment will give you near instant street cred when it comes to authentic working country horse wear.

Lavenham jackets, gilets, and horse blankets are the standard by which other English and English-inspired kit are measured, simply because they make the best stuff that’s meant to be worn, used, and loved. No disrespect to Mr. Ralph Lauren, but even the patron retail saint of iconic menswear is second to the original of English horse country outerwear.

We have been testing out two items from the Lavenham Autumn 2016 line; variations on their iconic Raydon quilted jacket and Mickfield gilet. The navy Raydon is lined with a fun and elegant yellow Drakes cotton lining. The horse-themed pattern and bright pop of color gives this classic jacket a uniquely British personality. Two simple, open exterior hand-warmer pockets on the outside and a smaller interior pocket with snap closure to keep a phone or wallet safe.


2016-05-21 14.38.27-2The olive Mickfield gilet is a traditional riding vest with a standing color and two open, deep pockets. Part of their new “jockey silks” line, the blue and rend polka dot pattern creates a fun, and distinctly equestrian look.

Both pieces are built with a slim fit and meant to be used as primary layers over lighter weight clothing, such as shirts or a close-fitting  jumper. Therefore, they do not have a slouchy, field coat look to them. Rather it’s a much ore fitted and tailored appearance; something we really like.

2016-05-23 07.53.29

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